Incompatibilities with other programs?


Does the CAVS have some incompatibility with other programs, like others AV, AT, AS?

If yes, which is the list?

I’m asking this because I want to install it to start testing it, and see its features…

Thanks :wink:


As far as I know there are no known compatibilities. However, installing with another AV has been known to cause problems, such as avast! and AVG.


I install it with NOD32, and disabled the CAVS autostart process and service.
Reboot and disable the on-access scanner of NOD32, because when we have these 2 programs enabled at the same time the system stop to react, and we have to reset…
Then I could disabled the on-access protection of CAVS and everything works well…

After this, I uninstalled CAVS and will wait for the v2.0…