incoming replies won't access

This is a repeat of an earlier post that I thought corrected itself. When I get an e-mail response from a forum thread, the progress bar in IE s-l-ow-l-y creeps across to about one third of the way across and hangs, while the hour glass just rotates. Today I tried to wait to see if it would eventually get to the end and the forum site would access. After about 4 minutes I gave up. This is the ONLY time I have a problem, as I have broadband and everything accesses almost as fast as you can blink. The last time I posted this problem the only response I got was “it’s OK at my end”. It can’t be a traffic problem at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, not that the forum is that busy anyway. Could it be a server problem? I can access the forum site fine just to look at the forum, or send a post. It’s only incoming replies.

My problem described above on December 10th still persists and it appears no one can help.


As a work around I access the forum through my browser when I get a e-mail reply that I can’t access, and look for the thread. Pretty dumb huh.

Here’s a possible cause of the problem, and solution for that…

CPF can cause a delay in your email AV scanner accessing and scanning email, while it verifies the scanner’s identity/validity. Since the AV scanner works as a proxy, the email connection can time out while waiting…

Resolution for that is to find your AV email scanner in CPF’s Application Monitor, and click to Edit. Go to the Miscellaneous tab, check the box for “Skip Advanced Security Checks,” then click OK.

From there you might stop and restart CPF to make sure the rule sets.

See if that speeds it up for you.


Hi Little Mac - The replies get through the e-mail OK. It’s only when I double click the reply in Outlook and it trys to load the web page. The progress bar in IE slowly goes to about a third of the way across and stops. Thus the forum doesn’t load. As I said, only the cpf forum repies hang. any other forum I subscribe to or any other web page I try to access loads instantly. Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

My apologies; I misunderstood the issue.

So, this only happens with links from Comodo forum in your email? No other links in your email respond this slowly?


Right. :slight_smile:

Okay, let’s see something ~

I’m going to send you a PM (should be powered by the same process), and include two links in the message text (which you will be able to see without following their link to access the PM online). One link will be to this thread, the other to a different website. Try both those, see how they do.

I want to see if links within the text work for you, or if all links no matter what, from Comodo, bog down and won’t load.


Little Mac - The Comodo link accessed a little slowly, and the Firefox link accessed instantly. Today your replies accessed, although a little slowly. The past week or so all replies to me would hang. The problem happened once before and then cleared up. A short time after I thought it was fixed it started again. Just a note. When I first joined the forum I wasn’t getting any replies at all. One of the Moderators found out a few people had the problem and somehow it was fixed.

Okay, I’ll pass this along to the website team directly.

My thought is that, it’s not the Comodo email message that’s the problem, since the FF link within worked fine. It seems to be the links coming back to the forum that are problematic. So, we’ll see what they say. I’ll direct them to this thread, and to you.

Hopefully there will be a quick solution.


OK thanks for your help. (:HUG)


I hear you…

Thanks. Your reply got through slowly. :slight_smile:

PM me tomorrow (Tuesday) if you don’t hear anything, and I’ll poke 'em again… ;D


OK :wink:

You might as well shut this thread down, as I haven’t received any replies to other peoples posts in a while and I don’t know if the problem still exists. If Nick had sent a reply that might have told me.

I’m sorry to hear that no one has responded.

Do you get the notice of this response to your post?


Hi LIL Mac, Yes your reply loaded a little slow but OK. I guess it’s as good as it gets. Thanks for your response and Happy New Year. :slight_smile: