Incoming e-mail - Connection to Server timed out

The only way I am able to receive an e-mail which has larger attachments (this particular e-mail was showing it’s size to be 6514 kb on the server) is to disable Incoming E-mail Scan. If left enabled, I always receive the pop-up message, “Connection to server… timed out”; and said e-mail is not downloaded from the server.

And when attempting to send a message to myself (lonely guy :-)) with an attachment of 4.64 MB in size, with the Outgoing E-mail Scan enabled, I receive a pop-up message saying “Sending of message failed…” However the Comodo Outgoing E-mail Scan window still shows that it is working, and eventually the message does get sent (because it shows up on the server). But the sent email does not show up in my Sent folder (thus I have no copy of it, nor would know if it had really been sent, if I didn’t check the server via other means).

Comodo AntiVirus - Version Information Report

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  • using SeaMonkey 1.02 E-mail componentl