Incoming and outgoing connections


I am using CIS firewall since last 1 yr and found it very impressive. It shows every detail regarding outgoing connections. However from the time i upgraded to version 6, 1 week back, I have been trying to find out, how to view outgoing connections. In previous version it used to be on the front screen and once clicked it shows all the details.

Can any one help me with version 6? I just see a tick marks and SECURE written on top.


Go to the tasks window, by clicking on the green arrow, and go to the “Advanced Tasks” section. Then select the option to “Watch Activity” (in fact you may also want to add it to the front menu by right clicking on the icon and selecting “Add to task bar”). This will download and install Comodo KillSwitch, which is now used for viewing network connections.

Yes you need to use Killswitch , in new version of CIS