Incognito window

I was wondering if when searching in the incognito window can you still get new incoming mail notification without allowing my mail notifier extension in the incognito window?

I’m guessing this is for dragon. Please post this in the proper section.

while it still hasn’t been moved, i’ll give my answer. My guess is no.

As far as I know, CD Incognito mode does not restrict any extension functionality.

Rather, I believe extension functionality has the ability to do things many users may wish to be careful about if allowing extensions to run in Incognito, including, extensions may possibly save any type of data to persistent local storage or localDB or send any data to remote locations.

If you are receiving email notifications through an extension, and you allowed that extension permissions to run in Incognito, it should still work to give you your notifications.

Or, on reading your original post again, if an extension is what is providing your email notifications, then the question has nothing to do with Incognito mode or Normal mode.

The extension will provide your notifications when enabled, and nothing if it’s disabled. This applies to both Incognito and Normal modes.