incognito mode

Is this mode worth using ? It seems legit and okay with me. JUst tried it out. But what are the cons ?

Always a con :-*

Hi AntSunrise,
If you want mild privacy from other users of your system it is OK.
If you need to find something from your browsers history, it will not be available.
If you think it works like a proxy or keeps you anonymous some other way while online, wrong.
Incognito Mode

I like the idea of it. But I guess I could always just run ccleaner when closing or configure it to clear chache etc afterwards .

…BTW - was there ever a solution found, to the “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”, re-enabling itself, after CCleaner is run?..

If you find the correct file that contains the settings (should be located somewhere within appdata) then you could manually edit that part and save. After that go into the property of the file and make it write-protected. This should in theory stop that behavior, down side is that you won’t be able to make any changing within the settings unless you remove the write-protection.
If doing it to just that file doesn’t work, then you can try doing it to the default file since I think Dragon saves both a default config and another config that contains all the changes.

…found the 2 files in Windows as found in CCleaner…

Network Action Predictor
Network Action Predictor-journal

both in - C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\COMODO\Dragon\User Data\Default

made both NAP files “read-only” - no go
deleted both NAP files - both get recreated
“default” folder already “read-only” - ain’t gonna try deleting that one

guess I’ll just keep unchecking the box until CCleaner fixes it or whatever

If you running a virtyual instance of the browser all traces will be deleted when the sandbox is reset,
however secure deletion is not yet featured although I have added it to the wishlist.

If you make a google account and sync all your information (You can set it up in sync settings to only sync the settings if you don’t want to sync other information) then it should, if I’m not mistaken, revert that setting back to the settings you’ve synced so that it is disabled again.

I will do some digging around in the files and see if I can find something, I feel like the enable disable option itself should be within a global configuration file instead of a file specific to that function.

Edit: I’ve looked through some files now and I couldn’t find anything =/ One would assume the option to enable and disable it should be stored in a file like preferences or something but nope… Sorry. Do you know if CCleaner is aware of it? If not it would be a good idea to report it since nothing will be fixed unless it’s known (or coincidentally gets fixed by something else)

…it was reported quite awhile back by “I THINK”, if I remember correctly - DBone…

Hi ultradolby1,
Add the Preferences file from C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default folder to the exclusions found under options in CCleaner.

…wow, gee, that worked so sweetly, thanks captain, captain is god
get it? - remember? way back in the 60’s - clapton is god - captain is god?
get it? - LoL…

Glad that worked.
CCleaner doesn’t delete the file, but it must alter the content. :wink: