Included User Guide. "Safe mode" vs "Train with safe" mode which is missing

I clicked on the included “Comodo Internet Security Pro User guide” to see which mode I should use for defense+, and to get some information about what the modes did in general.

In the “defense tasks overview” there are talks about “safe mode with training”, which isn’t included in my settings.

Since it also says that it is the Pro user guide, is it applicable to the free version?

Or is this an old user guide, not suited for any version?

I assume I should use it first in training mode (not the one that is the safe mode), but then what was the “safe mode with training”? Sounds like a contradiction to me. Why include this guide in the first place with the free version, since it makes no sense.

What are the difference between these modes that I get with the free version. How and when should they be used?

Welcome to the forum Swede. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, those names are just obsolete. I think the functionality of the D+ modes are still the same. Maybe you want to compare to the CIS Help file - though I notice that this file also has some obsolete D+ mode names.

The “Pro” guide should also be OK for the free version, as the CIS package is exactly the same. With Pro you don’t get another CIS, just additional software (separate from CIS) and extra support.

I suggest you begin in Clean PC Mode (provided that your PC is clean from malware), then when D+ has learned which programs you launch and what they do - you may want to raise the level to Safe Mode. This will however increase the number of popups I believe. I stick with Clean PC Mode.