Include Comodo Firewall PRO Free in a CD

Hi! I wanted to post in FAQ, but I can’t. Sorry >.<

I am going to create an image CD. I want to include FREE SOFTWARE (Libre, GPL…), but there are some freeware software that I want to include. One of these is Comodo Firewall PRO Free.

I will want to upload the CD in Internet, for everybody who can be interested. I don’t want to earn money.

The webpage of the CD Project will include a list of all software, with direct links with the official webpages.

The question is: ¿Can I include Comodo Firewall PRO Free in this CD?

I have read the license but I’m not sure. It speaks about modify, copy… with commercial uses, but I don’t want to earn money.

Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome Kenzô, :slight_smile:

I think it would be OK and actually encouraged by Comodo, if you distributed CDs with one download/licence of CFP each. I’m not sure about putting one single download into a CD image that will be copied multiple times, though. Let’s hope someone dispels the doubt.

Hi Kenzô Tenma,
You can distribute CFP in that manner.
Please let us know the link where you make this CD available.


Thank you very much!!

Now I’m working on the project. I hope to have it finished in less than a week.
When I have it finished, I will post with the links.

Thanks a lot.

Sounds good mate! :-TU

It’s out!!


It’s a nice collection there, good job. I would suggest an english version as the next step on that page, since spanish is not an easy to understand language for a lot of people out there (:KWL)