Inbound/Outbound Policy Violations

I have been having great difficulty playing my favourite online game(Continuum) lately. I keep getting booted for excessive packetloss, after much hair pulling I checked the comodo network activity log and I see "Inbound Policy Violation (access denied, IP= Port 1057)"The port number changes for every alert but the IP is definitely the game I play. I also see “Outbound Policy Violation (access denied, ICMP = Port unreachable)”. I have allowed Continuum in Application Monitor, what more do I need to do within comodo to fix this problem?


Try making this rule first:

ALLOW–check the checkbox
TCP—or whatever the alert shows as the protocol
Source IP:
Destination IP: ANY
Source Port: ANY
Destination Port: ANY

Place the rule above any block rules that you have in your Network Monitor list. You still might have to make a rule for the ICMP alert but this should help.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jasper2408,

I havent recieved anymore incoming violations after implementing that rule. I am however still getting the outbound icmp violations alert. I obviously am a complete newbie to all this… so could you please walk me through a rule for the ICMP one?

Here is a rule that should help:

ALLOW–check the checkbox
Source IP: ANY
Destination IP: ANY
ICMP Details: ICMP Port Unreachable

Place this rule above any block rules as you did the other rule.


Ok, thanks again.

One question though. For the ICMP rule couldnt I make the destination IP instead of any? Wouldnt it be safer? Am I missing something? :SMLR

If that is the IP address that it is showing as the Destination, then yes. Will only allow “Port Unreachable” out to that address then.