inbound outbound connections counter

On the GUI interface under summery
In Network defence
I have yet to see any connection count under inbound connection.
Outbound connections always shows some figure.

In the icon in the taskbar i can see the red and green arrows working.


Do you actually have any inbound (TCP) connections? For TCP, once the outbound connection is established, data is able to flow both ways, thus the animation. Most of the other inbound traffic I see is UDP, which is a connectionless protocol and doesn’t really form persistent connections like TCP.

Hi sded
I am not very computer smart, but i will keep an eye on it over the next couple of days.
I think what you have stated is most likely correct.

If i do still think i have a problem i will repost.
Thanks for your assistance, very much appreciated. :BNC
Cheers :■■■■

I some times have as many as 25 outbound connections. Is that normal?

There is no “normal” number of connections. It all depends on your network activity. I’m running eMule right now, and at times have about a hundred outgoing connections.