Inbound Connections ?

I have Comodo Firewall . In the summary screen i never see any inbound connections . ?
Wether opening a web page , downloading using Limewire or Getright there is always 0 inbound connections in the Network Defence Dialogue box. Is something not quite right here or is this normal ? Would appreciate some help . Thanks Woolyone.

I think inbound connections is inbound connections blocked. If you get alerts from your firewall (for programs) then your firewall is working. Or try a shields up! test.

Have you allowed any inbound connections with your global or application rules? I don’t use limewire or getright, but usually this is how web pages/downloading works: When you make an (http) tcp connection out, it is a bidirectional connection and you can download as much data as you want via tcp without an additional inbound connection. Similarly for most (passive) FTP, you actually make two outbound connections, one for control and one for data, and can again download whatever you want without an inbound connection. So if you have allowed inbound connections for limewire and getright, and they are being connected under “view active connections” under firewall tasks, showing 0 inbound connections in the dialogue box would not be right. Otherwise, you are getting the data via the “return line” of your outbound tcp connections. :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps for the quick reply. Starting to understand more now. Im used to the older version 2.0 . This version seems to do a scan of the system on first run so i don’t have to manually give a lot of permissions. Bye the way , fist time in this forum, what am i supposed to put in the “option” / “you must choose 2 options” when i try to lodge a new post ? Thanks again.

You are probably looking at “new poll”, not “new post”. Try “new topic” if you just want to do a normal message. :slight_smile:

so you can set limewire to outgoing only, which is safer than trusted app?

Limewire needs to have incoming connections also. Any P2P needs incoming so you can share files. Limewire when I used it was trusted. Now I use Frostwire as trusted.

i just tested it under “Outgoing Only” and i tried to DL a file and it worked. i aslo looked under active connections while it was downloading and it was all outbound.

Yes of course it will work but somebody cannot get a file off of you and if you don’t share your files your searches and downloads take longer.