Inadequate Antivirus Alert dialog!

When CIS finds a problem and puts-up a “COMODO Antivirus Alert” dialog box, the length of Location: is inadequate to allow me to make a decision about what CIS has found:

A malicious item has been detected!
Name: UnclassifiedMalware@94558328
Location: \MYNAS\Share\downloads\AudioPhoto…
More information: unavailable

The above does not help me! I can’t tell what file CIS is alerting me about! Since I can’t expand the dialog or click anywhere to see the full path and name of the “malicious item” I am forced instead to open Comodo, go the the AV tab and “View Antivirus Events” and finally I can see what the heck the dialog wants to tell me.

Sometimes by then the dialog closes by itself, and I’m left to wonder what the alert had been about, and why CIS closed i.e. what it did or didn’t do.

Very confusing.

Putting the mouse pointer at the path will show the complete path. It is not convenient but it works.

I tried that, but it doesn’t work, at least not on my W7HP machine.

Is that Win 7 x86 or x74?

W7HP x64, though it seems to me that I’ve had the same frustration with an XP x86 pc as well.