Inactivate buttons in new mesages for a short time.

Hi, I was just installing something and the popup that say that something is ruing in the sandbox came up, personally I don’t like to have things running in the sandbox so I usually press the “don’t run in sandbox”-button so even this time, but in the same moment as i clicked at the button a new popup appeared and was instead asking if I want to run or block some process from running… unfortunate the block button was in the same spot as the “don’t run in sandbox”-button witch resulted in me pushing the block button, and now I don’t even know what process it was that I blocked because I didn’t have time to read the message, whats makes this worse is that the check box “remember my decision” was most likely checked so it wont help to restart the program and get another try.

What I want is that when a new message such as these appears the buttons should be inactivated for about 1 second, or even better would be if the inactive time was customizable from the settings menu.