inabilty to complete download

I have had comodo firewall installed for a couple of months now and up to now have been very impressed, however i have been trying to dowload “Limewire Basic” so i can dowload music to my MP3 player. I know that you can get bugs from such music sources but also know that streaming MP3 & wma tunes is pretty safe. Whether or not i switch comodo on or off to download limewire, comodo will not let me gain access. Fotr this reason i have disabled my comodo firewall and returned to Windows firewall, not the safest but better than nothing. I opted to allow limewire all the way through but cannot. Unless you can show me how to do it or offer help or advice i will feel obliged to completely uninstall comodo and stay with windows (Firewall). This is not a course of action i wish to take as i have been very impressed with Comodo until now. Please contact me.