In which files are the global rules and port groups etcetera located?

The upgrade from version 3 to version 4 of the firewall did not work for me by Updater, so I uninstalled v3 on Windows and then installed the v4. Previously, I had exported my configuration files. As I imported now the Firewall- and Internet-Security-Configuration to v4 and activated, came success report, but afterwards reading the various functions I detected no changes from default configuration. So I looked at the files COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx and COMODO - Internet Security.cfgx, and realized because of the size that they were still those from the installation. Then I exchanged them via the Windows Explorer with the exported old ones, but my formerly laboriously created global rules and port groups do not appear. :cry:

Are they not stored in the cfgx files? Where else?

The .cfgx files are just a file that you can import to restore the default settings.

The actual settings are stored in the registry.


So there is not any possibility to store my global rules and port groups for the manual installation of a coming version of Comodo?

If you taking about V5 (2011) I would say no unless Comodo provide a way to do this, if you export your configuration from V4 then import into V5 there is a chance you will lose some of the new protections in V5.

I would wait to see what notes are posted in the release topic for V5.


Unless Comodo provides a way of updating you will most certainly loose some of the new protection. For example blocking of scripts and new settings to prevent sandboxed files from dropping files in system areas.

Is it in those circumstances NOW possible to move to a new PC and take with one his own Comodo 4 settings completely from the old PC?

That’s my actual problem. How could that work?

You can export/import your configurations depending on which version of CIS Miscellaneous or More / Manage My Configurations.

It may be successful, but it is likely to fail when switching to a different computer, I have tried this it the past V3 and it failed different processes etc.

Sorry but it is better with a different computer to do a fresh install.


Edit Looking at your first post again just changing the files in the Comodo folder does nothing, you have to import the file .cfgx with Manage My Configurations choosing a different name for it then activate it.

Sorry I missed that in your first post.

Thank you for all the explanations and especially the last hint!

But I tried it with import - once different name, once overwrite - activate too, as I changed from v3 to v4: No result…

My main concern would be to take over my old global rules and port groups, because it was a most serious work to create them.


The only way I have found and will have to do when I upgrade my Vista comp. from V4 to V5 is to take a screenshot of the rules, and print it.

Sorry I know this is time consuming to enter the rules manually but if all other methods fail you have little choice.

Also sorry the upgrade fails I tried both ways as a test on a XP Pro and Vista computers both x32, and succeed both ways with no problems, upgrade from V3 to V4 and import of configuration V3 into a fresh install of V4.


Now I am happy that I had the same idea two years ago and made screenshots of my rules when the configuration was complete and worked fine… :a0

Thanks again