in virtual mode some extensions are disabled - does this google?

Does/Can google disable some extensions?

After a while when I open CD in virtual mode suddenly umatrix, privacy badger and ublock origin are disabeled, and I only can see this :

instead of attachment 1 there is attachment 2 i.e. in the menu bar

To install them again isn’t possible it appears the message:

“COULD_NOT_CREATE_TEMP_DIRECTORY” in addition to (similar to this):

“the add-on was either removed or moved” But nothing of this I did. I only opened CD as I did always before.

Name and value of the variables is for TMP and TEMP c:\temp in system features.

No problem In secure shopping or in non-virtual-mode.

I read lately google wouldn’t want to change this problem for users for non-physical-hard-disks but this isn’t the case, isn’t it?

No problems with ice dragon or firefox, only with CD so I don’t use CD furthermore but in secure shopping.

Happened this I played back the backup every time (I restored the backup where it still worked) , but can’t be the answer.

So, I removed/deinstalled CD completely - that means with an external uninstaller in addition, deleted manuel the rest, andprefetch files. Now I can install the extensions again.

It’s a pity, the same problem as before. Is it the possibility google don’t want not to be able to “spy”?

Hi prodex!

Virtual Mode doesn’t use the normal profile of the browser stored in %localappdata%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data. It’s actually a “sandbox” folder stored in the same partition the OS is installed. You can look for the folder named VTRoot there (it’s hidden by default so you have to turn on “Show hidden files, folders and drivers” in File Explorer Options). In that folder there should be one or more HarddiskVolume* folder(s) containing a mirror image of the folders that store application data on the normal Windows folders (e.g. AppData and LocalAppData). You can find the Dragon or other browsers profile there and delete them.

There may be extensions do require third party software or needs to write files in temp that may not work as intended on Virtual Mode because of security restrictions though.

[i]Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]

Thank you, Andrei! So I rather stay with ICE-Dragon (but in secure shopping) because I like the addons umatrix, ublock etc. .