In the Comodo has not fully protection.

I AM curious about asking why in the Test antivirus software for Windows 10 - December 2022 | AV-TEST Comodo are not voted as full protection.

Also here

No 100% of protection. Seems 360 Security is more safe or Avast is more safe… Why Comodo Team?
Are you interested on asking to Av-Test?

Is something to make wrong image of Comodo or is as the Mobile App there are issues?
I love Comodo for Windows but I AM asking if the results in that website are true.

If you click the Comodo results in that list you’ll see that actual protection is 100% for 0-days but detection is fairly low compared to industry average. So the detection of the Anti-Virus is pulling down the results, but do remember that auto-sandbox (or HIPS) will still save you from unknown malware, so detection isn’t all that relevant when it comes to CIS. So in reality the protection should be in top, however since av-test also counts detection it isn’t in the top (even though CIS will protect you from malware it doesn’t detect, that doesn’t count in the test)