In terms of Pepsi and Apples! -An international comparison

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So how much does RAM (or other hardware) cost really in terms of apples and oranges? And is there a difference internationally?

I am not quite sure about the ubiquity of oranges, so along with “Apples” i choose “Pepsi/Coke” as a currency unit. Here are details:
Units of currency:
a) Apples = In terms of “A kilogram of Apples”
[If your price is for a pound of apples, you would need to multiply by 9/4]
b) Pepsi = In terms of “A 330 ml Pepsi can”

Hardware Items chosen for reporting:

I am posting my report compiling the interesting results in the next post…

[size=14pt]Of apples and oranges (nay… Pepsi cans)[/size]
An interesting international comparison!

A 1 GB RAM stick
In SWEDEN equals 25 Kgs of Apples
In INDIA equals 12 Kgs of Apples
In BULGARIA equals 10 Kgs of Apples

A 19" LCD Monitor
In SWEDEN equals 357 Pepsi cans
In INDIA equals 300 Pepsi cans
In BULGARIA equals 200 Pepsi cans

A 500 GB HDD
In SWEDEN equals 27.5 Kgs of Apples
In INDIA equals 45 Kgs of Apples
In BULGARIA equals 38 Kgs of Apples

Now this is interesting…

A) 1 GB DDR2 RAM = 25 Kgs of apples OR 71 Pepsi cans
B) 500 GB SATA HARDDRIVE (INTERNAL) = 27.5 Kgs of apples OR 78 Pepsi cans
C) 19" LCD MONITOR = 125 Kgs of apples OR 357 Pepsi cans

1 GB DDR2 RAM valued at $66.23 (500 Swedish kronor)
500 GB SATA HARD DISK DRIVE valued at $72.85 (550 Swedish kronor)
19" LCD MONITOR valued at $331.13 (2500 Swedish kronor)

One kilogram of apples valued at $2.65 (20 Swedish kronor)
One Pepsi can valued at $0.93 (7 Swedish kronor)

One Swedish krona equals to $7.55 / $1 equals to 0.13 Swedish kronor at the time of writing. Of course, the price of the above items vary depending on where in Sweden you buy them, and what brand you buy.

I really can`t be arsed with all the fruit but here are some UK prices…

1 GB Samsung Original DDR 2 (667) PC-2 500 SDRAM =£10.29…
1 GB Kingston PC-2 6400 HyperX =£13.74

500GB Hitachi Cinemastar SATA-2, 24/7 =£43.64
500GB Western Digital Caviar 16 MB-IDE-7200 =£64.34

19" Arianet Value LCD Monitor Black =£68.94
19" Hanns-G HN198DP/HQ191 DVI TFT Blk/Silv = £80.44

Don`t eat lots of apples and drink lots of fizzy pop, it may make you ill, buy some stuff instead (:TNG) (:TNG)

In India,

A) 1 GB DDR2 RAM equals 12 Kgs of Apples OR 29 PEPSI CANS
B) 500 GB SATA HDD (INT) equals 45 Kgs of Apples OR 108 PEPSI CANS
C) 19" LCD MONITOR equals 125 Kgs of Apples OR 300 PEPSI CANS !!

Of course, prices may vary with the city, type of computer store and of course over time.

Rates considered:
500 GB SATA HDD (INT) INR 2700
A kilogram of Apples INR 60
A Pepsi can INR 25

Thanks for posting the comp prices, mate but that doesnt help till you post the price of the currency units too!

Can Matty or someone else from UK post the average street price of a kilo (or pound) of apples and a pepsi can?
I will do the calculations.

It really depends on the quality of the stuff,but…

A) 1 GB DDR2 RAM(A-Data 1GB DDR-2 800) = 10 kg. apples or 30 cans of pepsi (15 euro)
B) 500 GB SATA HDD (INT)(Hitachi 500GB SATA Hard Drive) = 38 kg apples or 100 cans of pepsi(50 euro)
C) 19" LCD MONITOR(19" LG Flatron W1934S-BN Black LCD) = 71 kg apples or 200 cans of pepsi(100 euro)

UK: Prices of apples and can missing

Bulgaria: Price of can missing

Edited.1 can of pepsi=0,50 euro cents.

1kg of apples = 12,000 Rp

LCDTV 19" = RP3,850,000 (321kg of apples)

$1 = approx Rp.10,000-11,000