In, Out, or In/Out

Newbie here.

I got both Azureus and Emule to work by following the help on this forum. I have set the direction to allow the appropriate protocol “In” and the Destination port set to the corresponding port for each application.

Why doesn’t the help specify a corresponding “Out” or is this already handled by some other global rule since I figure that these programs will need to send information out since they are p2p sharing programs. It may be handled by the “Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol is Any” global rule which came with the configuration. This rule seems to allow any outgoing traffic. Is this safe? Perhaps the idea is that application program permissions are able to allow/deny and put limits on the outgoing traffic per safe applications that are allowed to run rather than specifying which outgoing ports are allowed.


I believe they use the same ports. When you test the ports, information is sent out. Also sent out for all searches. When you download, obviously information is sent in. As long as you port forward your router, you should have no problems at all (I use eMule Morph xt11.0) 24/7.)

Port forward your hardware firewall then make them trusted under Comodo.

The ports are portforwarded in my router.

What I didn’t understand and need a little clarification on is I believe the “In” rules specify a single port whereas the “Out” rule is an ANY type rule. Is this a safe configuration of the rules as any application that wants to send out info to any port can do so. Let’s assume there’s a virus. It can send out info at will. However if the “Out” rule was more restrictive and specified a port for each application, browser, email program, then the virus would need to manipulate one of those to work.

You can use the predefined rule for outgoing only but your router is protecting you.