in order to get Internet Access I have to Do This......


       V3 Comodo 

       I can't get access to the Internet with FireFox, with anyother setting but disable.

       I go to Firewall Security Lever by right Clicking on Icon in the tray, I set it to Disable, I then refresh FireFox
       it will connect, I then turn it to custom Mode, and it works flawless.

       If i open up firefox in Custom mode it will not connect, I have to disable then connect.

       I defined a new trusted application  firefox.exe in the correct folder.

      Here is what i want to do... when not in use I set it to Block all Mode, I want to connect so I set it to
      custom mode, when I'm done I set it to Block all mode in an hour I get back on i put it back in custom

      How do I get it set up to do that?




I have never used the “Define a new Trusted Application” menu. I guess if you made a mistake that could give you problems.

For over a year I only ever launched an application, and when Comodo pop-up asked whether to Allow or Block I ensured the “remember” option was checked, and then Comodo automatically created a “custom” rule for that application.

I suggest you visit Network Application rules and delete the Firefox rule.

When you launch Firefox you should then get a pop-up asking allow or block - ensure “remember” is checked and allow, and you should have a custom rule
If you get no pop-up, perhaps Firefox is still defined as a “New Trusted Application” (or perhaps accidentally it is in “New Blocked Application”), in which case it may need to be removed from whichever also before you can get a pop-up.

Please feel free to wait for better qualified advice, but the above may help you if you are desperate enough to try anything.

I would query your wisdom in defining Firefox as a trusted application. which allows IP In, and has to withstand whatever hackers may be able to throw at it.
The automatically created “custom” rule is to allow all IP Out, but to Block all IP In, and keeps the hackers at bay.
I have recently changed my Firefox rule from “custom” to predefined “Web Browser”, which is a little more restrictive.
I believe Firefox is more dependable and safer than Internet Explorer, BUT whatever you do, I think you should avoid defining Firefox as Trusted.