In "Log viewer", tab "Defence+ events" we can't see a result

In “Log viewer”, tab “Defence+ events” we can’t see a result of operation if there was no alert . What is it? Blocked or Allowed?

If in “Defence+ events” tab we can see only blocked events and if there was an alert how to see all allowed events?

Are you talking about CIS’s external log viewer (cfplogvw.exe)?


It depends on the actual message, some are informational & others follow a previous message (eg. “Scanned Online and Found Safe”, “Sandboxed As”, etc…). But, if there is no corresponding Alert Displayed or Configuration Changes entry then it usually means blocked.

Ok. How to see all allowed?

It is needed for me to see in Log viewer all events(blocked and allowed) and certainly with a new information column where would be a message “Blocked” or “Allowed”. Do you think can it be posted to a whishlist?

You can post that wish in Wishlist-CIS board.

I found some article on

I see that on the first screenshot there is a column “Answer” in the tab “Request history” there are answers Block and maybe Allow(nott shown). This is exactly what I want. And I don’t understand where are screenshots from? Comodo CIS? Seems to be Comodo CIS and Comodo Firewall have different interface?

Those screenshots are from the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager, not the firewall.

Thanks, i understood. Seems to be, to free products there are much less attention.