In firewall always say 0 CIS Windows 10

Hi, since some time I see on advanced view of CIS
firewall in is always 0. Is this a bug? it’s only me?

I AM on Windows 10

Also if the value in the widget is not the same in CIS I cannot believe Thunderbird, Chrome etc are not downloading nothing always.
Let me know if this report can be considered confirmed, many thanks.

Screen attached

Also … in the previous screen you see “file non riconosciuti” that means not recognized files.
It say 10

If i do a valuation scan found that just one file is not recognized. Why? Is normal?

Hi, peopleinside.

Field ‘Unrecignized files’ on CIS UI shows all unrecognized files from File List on endpoint. But, if you perform File Rating scan, in this case there will be showed new detected unrecognized files during Scan.

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No, main window shows only how many inbound and outbound connections there are to your computer.
While the widgets show you the inbound/outgoing traffic amount.

I wouldn’t be too sure it’s a bug. I can have it show 3 as attached, and then drop it to 0 . . . which is due to the 3 Wireless Cameras I have running on the Network
When I shut them off it drops to 0

My bad, yea its not a bug,
my brain just quit on me for a moment there :-[ Luckly i could get it back :). Fixed my orginal post. :■■■■

Thank you! I still do not understand how can be inbound 0 if I AM connected with lan. What this 0 means? I have no inbound connection from where?
I was thinking this is the out traffic. I see outbound change, inbound is always 0 for me not only today, always.

Return traffic from an outgoing connection does not mean an incoming connection. The connection direction is based on which direction it originates from, your system to a remote host = outgoing connection, a remote host wants to start a connection to your host is a incoming connection request. Then if you allow it then you will see inbound count increase.

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Understood, thank you!
I will try to remember this!

Many and many thanks ;D