In china, I can ping, they can not.

Oh god do I need help

ALL my ports are in stealth mode. No firewall. They never get a response from any port checkers online

Im trying to use COmodo, Hamachi (or any number of similar programs) but my friends in Canada can not ping me.

The modem is Mercury brand, not that anyone is likely to have heard of it???

Well I dont know much about this but for a week Id been trying to forward the proper ports but everything is in Chinese and my knowledge is limited and google translate is helping a bit

what info can I post to get some help??? I’ll do anything


what version of windows are you using?
is windows firewall enabled?

to check go to start → run → type services.msc
and look for windows firewall

Thank you for your reply!

Im on windows vista 64 bit. Currently firewall is off, and for whatever reason I can not turn it on again it just says windows can not start the firewall

perhaps blocked by the GFW

I think it could be the case but from what I have read, some people in the country do have hamachi and other similar programs working

I CAN ping other people in Asia, just not overseas. So before I give up entirely I was hoping to try to do something to get it to work

otherwise… long year for me

You need turn Windows firewall on on Windows Vista or Win 7 OS for VPN connection.