imstallation corrupted, unable to uninstall or re-install


After a power outage my Comodo Firewall has been corrupted, it won’t start again, it cannot be uninstalled, or re-installed.

Any suggestion how to uninstall would be appreciated,


[attachment deleted by admin]

What is your OS and Comodo version? Have you tried uninstalling from safe mode? When you try to reinstall, what messages do you get?

I am running Windows XP, and had upgraded to Comodo 3.0 in the last few weeks

I have not tried to unstall in safe mode, could you give some guiodance how to do that?


Reboot your computer and hold down the F8 key. You will get a menu which allows you to select safe mode. Safe mode will have a very limited display and not load any of the drivers that may be interfering with Comodo or Comodo itself. Go to control panel and add/remove programs as usual, and uninstall Comodo there. If you get more errors, let us know what they are.

The safe reboot and uninstall worked to get most uninstalled. I had to manually delete the directories in the Documents and Settings.

The first install after that was not right, somehow it came back with the same message box as I posted above in the attachment. I tried to install repar and that seemed to work.

Comodo is now back online on my PC,

Thank you,