Comodo Firewall 3.0 is not complete in mine opinion, there is no refererr blocking, no vbscript blocking, no advertisement and banner control, tracing cookies can still do there work, attack detection must be improved with blocking someones subnet and sniffers must be detected. In mine opinion there is one fi (R)rewall that has it all Outpost pro but the firewall is reacting an block to strictly. I hope that Comodo realise that defending privacy also is important and that it an welcome idea is to improve the firewall. I am very happy with Comodo i use the firewall, the av, and boclean and mine system stays clean.

I have almost all of those blocked by using Opera instead of IE; the buttons on the toolbar of Opera allow me to turn on and off these ‘risks’ as needed - easy!

Same here!! opera and/or Firefox will help you in those spots

Opera. It just makes sense to me to leave blocking banners and scripts to the browser.

Oh, also I have The Proxomitron on a button. That stops a few things - sometimes more than wanted but is easy to disable.
Some sites are allowed cookies permanently; if needed for other sites, Opera dumps them on closing.

Opera here too. :o Well anyway most of that is job for the browser IMO… I wouldn’t like to see CFP bloated with those features, or at least I’d opt them out. → maybe later (much later)