Improvements to CiS rules/settings


just my wish, possible to make game mode, “Disable mode after X hours/min”?/Same for disabled firewall, not only game mode, i mean, switch for a security level during X time and then return to previous one.

I mean, sometimes (many) i need to play with friends, usually random games and usually via hamachi, and i have to disable (i use port blocking and dont want to mess with every port for each game) Comodo to play with them.

But then i forget to enable it and been like 1-2 days without firewall :(.

This is another alternative/add that was not requested b4, you can directly ignore the rest of this post:
Other way would be if we can setup applications to DISABLE firewall protection totally (like a rule)? I mean, app start (game in this case) and Comodo Firewall (Right clock on tray icon, firewall security settings, disabled) and when the app ends Comodo does (Right click on tray icon, firewall security settings, safe mode). Basically control firewall level inside of rules (altho this would need a tweak since i supose disabled mode doesnt check rules, maybe some disabled but check this rule mode)

Also some option which auto-enables firewall everytime i boot my pc, or shows a notify about it being disabled…

Thanks!, anyways its the best one around, with or without this, and excuse me if im double-posting, but level-per-application is not on the other wish :frowning:

PD: Game mode doesnt do this i dont want to only remove popups, but also port blocking during that time, and it also wont get disabled after a predefined time. I also know that its kinda insecure for me to disable port blocking without a router NAT, but i want it that way =).

+1 :-TU

I think this option is a must