improvement to scanner speed

it would help a lot if comodo get gather the sha1 or md5 for all the windows files and store them in cis program files folder so when the av does a scan it can check with those sha1 it has stored and skip over those files if the file is unchanged. if the file is changed it should scan the file and restore the new sha1 or md5 if the file is found safe.
this would help greatly with the scanning speed and false positives.

do you guys think this is needed?
any suggestions?

I believe this is already so in the real time scanner,
not to sure if it’s on the manual scanner/scheduled

Isn’t this similar to how the USN Journal works with some programs, that consult the Journal for file changes? Thanks

If you the AV set to stateful mode, this is how it works. However, the stateful flag is reset when the virus database is updated.

Already implemented as I understand the ‘stateful’ configuration of AV.

The poll therefore does not make sense here.

Not True;

If you do a Manual Scan; Stateful Recordings aren’t implemented