Improvement of creation of rules

To improve creation of rules it is possible to make for example the following.

Add in the menu of creation of a rule for applications a line “Other” after pressing on which the window “Network Control Rule” would open and further it was possible to specify a concrete rule for applications.

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again like i have said on other threads… even if you dont “have to” create advanced rules … the fact the its harder than other firewalls to do, in Comodo (not impossible, mind you) is the one Issue i have had with Comodo… I still recommend it to people all the time though


That option does not fit there, since that drop down is meant to specify policies - not specific rules.

I do, however, agree with the big picture - that one should be able to launch the Network Control Rule window from the alert. I’ve attempted to incorporate this wish in my charrette thread for the Firewall Alert here.