Improvement Idea [Closed]

I hope this is not viewed as bug reporting. It is a post I got permission to place on CFW forum from a Wilder’s member. He likes CFW but had to drop it and my hope is you can deal with this issue in next version for all users.

Today, the member in question provided this additional information: He is/was on 2.4.

June 7/07 v. 2.4. Something else to add to : I believe I have SuperAdBlocker and AVG AS running real time as well. I know these two apps use up a lot of RAM. Hope this helpful

Additional list of wilder’s poster’s security set up

Hi, Escalader: I have no reservation in releasing my defense lineups, if it can be utilized to perfect a good app. They are: all are recent versions.
Virtualization: Deepfreeze Home
FireWall : McAfee Desktop firewall
AV : Avast home
CIPS : Prevx2
IDS : Winpatrol plus
IPS : BlackIce PC Protection
AS : McAfee AS Enterprise
AT : ComodoBOClean
Utilities : O&O Clever Cache Pro v.6.1
O&O Defrag Pro.10
DU meter, PC Thrust
Window Blind 4.6
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro.8.5 and
TuneUp Utilities 2007 plus some reg cleaners,
D/L manager, Disk/Internet cleaner etc

On demand : SAS free
O/S : P4, 512 MB ram, WinXP, home sp2, D-Link wireless router, cable

Hope these helpful, any suggestions re this lineup are very much appreciated.

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Was that with 2.4 or 3 alpha? From what I’ve read so far, there are only a few cases of cpu issues with 3 alpha (if any). Whereas 2.4 does have cpu issues:

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Version 2.4 - cpf.exe and High CPU,6819.0.html,6933.0.html,6943.0.html

Version 2.4 - cmdagent.exe and High CPU,5499.0.html,5972.0.html,6160.0.html

Hi Soya:

I t was 2.4, plus I added additional data about the wilder’s member’s setup as edits to original post

So I take it that this “Improvement Idea” is to fix the cpu usage and/or compatibilities with the listed software? It is starting to seem like bug reporting ;D. I’m sure the devs as well as most forum members know about this issue already. As I stated above, only a few report cases of cpu issues with v3 alpha (for Vista 88)). As for incompatibilities, this is something that will almost inevitability remain between any software and that’ll be a matter of time when it can fixed.

Ive noticed a lot of people having trouble setting up a network connection through comodo v3 and in 2.4.Ive been trying to set up my xbox 360 through ics on my windows xp, I do not have a router i connect wired to a lan card on back of pc.Really like comodo v3 beta but searched and followed instructions from comodo forums but im dammed if i can get my xbox 360 to connect through my pc.
Soon as i go back to sygate 5.6 it easily lets my xbox on to the internet.My question is, is there a way to add the easy ics set up feature that sygate 5.6 has to comodo v3 beta
Thanks Thinking Thinking Thinking

dame666, please do not post the same question 3 times in different threads. Also, your post should be here:


Okay, let it go. The posts I made were well intended and as stated it will all be well in the future.

For me I’m done with this thread. (:WAV)

Ok I’ll lock this thread for you. If you need to open it pm a mod.