Improve sandbox flexibility and usability

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More flexible sandbox options:
I find it a bit annoying to use the sandbox only when I want to. The “always sandbox” option is great, but the flexibility isn’t there. I would like to see an integrated “right click” windows explorer option to “run program in sandbox” followed by a pop-up of the Partially Limited, Limited, etc."

There is a right-click option to run in the sandbox. It doesn’t have the subsequent popup you’d like to see however…

i think he is refering to already installed applications. Isnt the run in the sandbox context only on installers?

No, the context menu sandbox option appears for any .exe.

i think it would be really helpful if it was also on a programs shortcut. say i want to sandbox internet explorer then i would either havee to go to its program folder and right click on the exe or go into comodos defense + settings.
it would be good if comodo added to the context menu to sandbox the app only once of permenently then if perminently is selected it adds it to the computer security policy in defense +

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I agree that the sandbox needs more usability features. It’s still young though, so I’m hoping the devs are working on making it more full-featured.

yes it is. im hoping that they really start developing the usuability of the the manual sandbox and they should take a look at the wishlist for additions to the auto sandbox. hopefully much will come with version 6 this is my biggest wish

Very needed.