Improve installer's path setting behavior

CIS is not installed in the path you choose. For example, I uninstalled CIS and reinstalled it. I had an existing folder named D:\Program Files\Security\Comodo Internet Security\ that I selected to install in. Instead of installing in that folder, it installed in:

D:\Program Files\Security\Comodo Internet Security\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\

When you choose an installation path that’s different than the default, why doesn’t it use the exact path you explicitly provide instead of adding the entirely superfluous \COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\ ?

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I think the installed must be installed in C: (of course if windows is installed in C).


You may choose which directory you want CIS to be installed in;
Its LivePCSupport/Geekbuddy that installs automatically in the %systemdrive% or %programfiles%
Which i think should be fixed as well xD

Have you tried deleting the path and then choose the bath (using the browse button during installation… then let CIS create the path?

Hope this helps

Thank you for correcting me Jacob and I am sorry for giving you misleading information mbrazil


Hi Jake,

I haven’t tried reinstalling it with no existing folder named for it since this last install (I will), but I do remember this happening before. The first time I installed CIS, there was no existing folder for it, I gave it the same installation path I wanted to use this time, and it did the same thing. There’s no problem if you don’t choose a non-default path, but any path you give it results in the extra subfolders.


True! It does give extra sub folders, I noticed this;
I wish they would get this fixed as well


How can I set up “CIS version 5” for utorrent optimal performance?

I believe you just have to select “Alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per-case basis” in “Stealth Ports Wizard” under the Firewall tab.

If you require more information please start a new topic here as this is not the correct place for this type of question.