Improve ergonomy of advanced features (block/allow ip range rule)

Wish : easy option to block an ip range or specific ip for all applications or only those specified…

edit : improve ergonomy of advanced features (block/allow ip range rule)

Hello, There is already a feature for this…

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i found that before in Comodo Firewall but this is so well hidden that often I can’t find it (*) LOL

(i’m using Comodo Internet Security now)

(*) i think this is the major leak of Comodo products : lack of ergonomy is somewhat a pity…

common/advanced : boring the need to switch everytime to access predefined policies… :-
and also not friendly to understand that we have to go there and click on add to create a rule…
one more thing, cannot copy paste ip, it must be typed manually… annoying…

It’s not well hidden,

I Too use CIS

Well, Many Users Just Need To Do Common Tasks, And for those who have more of a understanding can go under advance if needed to do any modifications


Well I strongly believe that a light relooking of the interface could really make our life easier :wink:


In your case you would like every button/feature on one screen?



haha yeah i suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injury) so less click is always welcome… :THNK
and i really enjoy software / hardware / website that are well designed… otherwise it ■■■■ me off (:NRD)