improve cleaning

cav doesn’t always clean what it detects or leaves related files behind for what it detects. I understand that comodo has mad cleaning essentials for cleaning but that is for extensive cleaning not cleaning in general. some people say quit nagging at cav cleaning, that’s why they made cleaning essentials. but with that logic why not strip out all cleaning ability from cav and just have detection. then when cav finds something the user gets a pop up that says download cce to clean infections. I’m just asking that cav clean what it detects and things related to what it detects



we can integrate cce into cis

I don’t know that it’s necessary to incorporate all of the power of KillSwitch and Autoruns. These may be very dangerous indeed for users who don’t know what they’re doing.

What I would like to see is for CIS and CCE (just the scanner) to be able to detect, and remove, the same amount of malware.

if CIS is installed, then CCE would fight CIS …they are 2 very powerful beasts built to do 2 different things and will fight eachother…

we can simply make cce available as part of CIS for people to have access to it for cleaning…

combining cce capability into CIS is a long term job…they are two opposing forces that will fight eachother!!

Don’t forget CCE is amazing at cleaning rootkits…

let the user choose to do a custom install to get cce in cis if you integrate that way novice users don’t ■■■■■ things up with cce. but manly add the cleaning if anything