Improve ability to find apps in the Network Security Policy area

On the “Application Rules” tab of the “Network Security Policy” area of the firewall…

…there needs to be a search box or something so that we can more easily find a given application to modify its settings, or to even delete/remove or purge it.

Or, perhaps better yet, since the problem is basically that the screenful of programs and its rules is just too busy and too much to easily scan through to find the problem one needs to find, maybe a simple “Collapse All” button (and a corresponding “Expand All” button to undo what the “Collapse All” button does) would remedy the problem. As long as every line of the list is a program, it would be easier than visually trying to scan through all those lines to visually pluck from the list the program name part of it.

Another possible solution might be to make the background of the program line in a different color or something.

Being able to sort the programs alphabetically might also help.

The point is, there has to be a better, faster and easier way to cull through the long list of programs (and each of their multiple lines of rules) to quickly find the one we want to edit or purge or whatever.

Hope that helps.

  • HarpGuy

You could double click Application Name
Also, You can press ctrl f so you can find the program (but this feature i wish could be improved)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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At the moment, double clicking the table headers will expand/collapse all.

Though it’s a silly implementation.

EDIT: haha too slow!