After suffering with increasingly bloated and buggy Norton Internet Security products, and with my subscription runnung out, I took the plunge and switched to Comodo AV and firewall.

The installation of both was impressively smooth and Windows load time is reduced without Norton installed. I’ve run a couple of on-line security checks and everything seems to be fine.

The only minor problem I’ve found is that Eudora takes much longer to connect to the POP server when it’s first loaded and often times out the connection, but it’s fine on the second attempt.

Nice that you like it! You are not alone…
I’m using CPF beta and it works great!
We are all waiting for the CPF 2.3 stable version, that comes on thursday 31 (hopefully). :wink:
SCOMODO™ sends his greetings too… ;D

Yep, I agree, impressive indeed. Not a very bad firewall, but I can say that the interface and options are better than what ZoneAlarm Free offered … Kinda dissapointed at ZoneAlarm, they are centered for upgrading to Pro service with payment … But, Comodo, a great firewall, at a free price, nice deals.

Yes it’s impressive!
Now, when i have CPF 2.3 (released yesterday) installed, i’m really happy! It’s running smooth and on low system resorces. There are a lot of configurations you can do if you wan’t, but it’s running fine without to much work. The most important thing is, that it runs safe… nothing goes through…
No point in using any other firewall. ;D

YES. It is a very good firewall i find it easy to use no problems here (B)

I have been using Comodo CPF for a few months (I think, don’t recall specifically) but have been extremely happy with it. Since the old versions are gone, I state this on the new. It runs smoothly, passes all firewall tests, and is eye candy at the same time. If we had applicatons built to our personal likings, this would be my firewall. No doubt. I was a Zone Alarm user for 6 years, and now cannot stand the bloat, price, and stuffiness. ZA is like running through mud, Comodo is like skating on ice, that’s probably not the best anology but you know what I mean. I rate CPF, well , I can’t since there is no rating scale here, so I give it 1,000,000 stars. I can do that, no rating rules, hah. ;D



I like eye candy as well, I didn’t like the looks of ZA, I could tolerate Norton but I ran with Sygate for a long time. It seem to not only look better but work better as well (my opinion of course) Once I got a hold of CPF, I was hooked. It is truly an amazing everything you want firewall… for free…