Impressions <-> Suggestions...

So after a lot of help I finally got it running (thank you, Leoni and Little Mac!)…

Here is a list of problems (subjective, I admit) with Comodo

  • During installation there is no option to skip certified applications, either allow or scan…should allow to skip special application rules

  • Maybe it would be a good idea to let the user configure the firewall during installation when in advanced mode

  • After starting the program tries to connect to the internet without warning. That should be confirmed by the user first

  • There are apparently no separate update packs to update the firewall without going through automatic update. Bad idea for corporate environment and for the security conscious user (maybe also lazy if several computers at home…lol)

  • Speaking of corporate environment, there is no remote administration tool, no password protection, or a way to save the configuration and import it

  • What it does though is create log files, the function cannot be disabled and there seems to be no filtering for alert types (maybe I am wrong about that, just started using it)

  • That also means that no rules can be downloaded other than the trusted applications but there is no tool to configure or maintain them

  • The hashing algorithm is not discussed or peer reviewed…Why not offer ASCII files with checksums that are encrypted locally using a password?

  • A display bug occurs when the bottom right corner of the window is overwritten with “Next >>”, clearly from the first page network viewer. Not sure what triggers it as I was unable to reproduce it by following the same steps (memory leak?!)…

  • There is another possible bug since the Network Control Module and the Application Manager do not allow sorting of the entries by clicking on the headings

  • The Application Monitor does not combine rules automatic nor does it support for the user to select rules to be combined

  • A collapsible tree structure might be easier to read and the port list field should be larger not just a short line for better overview. In addition, the space character should be allowed as it improves readability (maybe a tiny table that is generated and allows the user to see the ports?)

  • The component monitor is already slow seems a bit slow…Not sure if something could be done to improve speed

  • Network Control Module should allow easy enable/disable by clicking on symbol

  • Quite honestly I am confused about what the Network Control Module does. On the other hand I don’t recall seeing zone specific rules so that a LAN connection could be handled less strict?!

  • Some of the advanced options do not come with on-screen information, maybe add Windows “bubble” help?!

  • It would be nice to have a popup blocker integrated with maybe some added functionality for cookies and filtering browser information…etc

  • Oh, before I forget, Comodo failed the PC Flank leak test (, could fail more but I just ran that one first for some reason (ok, i was lazy)…Even odder that OutpostPro did not seem to work even though mentioned as having passed…Maybe just bad configuration as it went off the disk after ~5 minutes…

That’s all folks…For now at least…Hope it is somewhat useful feedback and looking forward to the next release…

Thank you very much sv4u, that’s one long list which I think will go to Comodo’s records. :slight_smile:
Generally we refer these kinds of posts the wishlist, but I’ll leave it hear (unless any other mod disagree…) since you have compiled all your suggestions nicely. Some of them may also already be present in the wishlist.

Good work!