Impressions of new Comodo firewall 3.0

Say you impressions of Comodo firewall 3.0, tell about your interface, your facility or dificulty of configuration and explorer this software of best mode possible.
Say too the errors of this firewall, in my opinion, this come to your version final very fast; maybe in proposite of give to the common users your new version of firewall, and make them agree this new option, and grow with the number of testers, and develeper the firewall more fast. Maybe…

My impressions about the new firewall is the visible best interface, more options of configuration,

More controler of the user of your software.
But i see some errors, the software close without action of my part, and your defense + give alerts in excessive.
Is this, i am new here, but i expect contribuite to the developer of Comodo, because is one the best options of protection of your pc. Is goog and is free.

Hi Comodo,

I’m new here but have been using your firewall since it’s first debut. I have the 2.4 model and I’m really impressed. I want to try the 3.0 version because of all the new features, however, my machine is setup with service pack 1 only and I would really like to keep it the way it is ( I have had SP2 on my box and had issues ) Will you be releasing a version of 3.0 to be able to work with service pack 1?

I am using the new comodo firewall, version 3.0 but it failed on his leaktest. Test one and test three are safe but not test two. I never had this problem with version 2.4

I would first like to thank you for giving us this Free product. (:CLP)

Even before you released this product I had called you on the phone & asked if you could please leave certain features of version in version 3 ( I am an advanced computer user.(Running XP Pro Sp3) I always use a router, but the main reason I want a Firewall is to Block Outgoing Traffic,& to alert me when Anything does want access to the internet.

I want total control of my system, & just becasue Comodo decides it is safe does not mean that I want to give it access. Here is a simple example, I am sick & tired of Microsoft etc. programs phoning home like Windows Media player 11.I did a registry hack to disable that useless program update.Even after that, When I started WMP, Comodo 2.4 told me it wants access so I blocked it,in version 3 I get no alert.

I would really appreciate it if you could please change the install of version 3 to allow manual setup like 2.4, after install I want to allow or disallow all programs & processes manually. I would also like to have that great user interface that 2.4 had (Application Monitor) Application Control Rules. Its great that you made improvements,but sometimes you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Hopefully this is something you will be able to incorporate into a future release of Comodo Firewall Pro 3. Thank you again for all your hard work, & being so generous in giving away free good quality software.


first of all what do you get free these days and times,? this firewall software is free, and let me say thanks for being so kind and consederate to us who are on tight bugets for giving us a product that works and works great, these sites that try and invade our computers and take over our right to surf the internet are a threat to anyone who own a pc, and i commend these fine folks for comodo and their free spirit of helping us all that are all strangers to them, and like and old man told me one time (fellows don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.) GIVE HIM AND APPLE AND SOME THANKS ,( BLESS YOU ALL COMODO)

Hi, these are some first time user impressions. My experience with security software until now is limited to Kaspersky, so any comparison that MIGHT derive will be in relation to that software.

I installed CFP three days ago. Installation went smooth, although I had some problems with Logitech mouse drivers, but all is well after reinstalling both CFP and drivers ( i can’t say who is to blame here, as I pick through my registry from time to time :slight_smile: ). I uninstalled CFP in safe mode and used File+Registry Cleaner before installing it again. I didn’t check if there were some leftovers from the first installation though. Installed it with D+ turned off the second time.No problems this time around.

I don’t have anything to complain about program options and configurations as I find them more than satisfying. I can not discuss about technical aspects of security CFP offers as I don’t know much about it - I just want software that works. My gripes with CFP are more with what can be called USER EXPERIENCE or something…

First thing I noticed is that the response for detected events is not fast enough. By this I mean that it usually takes about 3 seconds for CFP to pop out the window with options for that event. Believe it or not - this can be a deal breaker for some :slight_smile:

Similar can be said for SYSTEM STATUS on SUMMARY screen - it can take as long as 2-3 minutes to update the status to ALL SYSTEMS ARE ACTIVE AND RUNNING.

( Yes I know that these things are maybe just system dependent, but I guess somebody will correct on this if that is the case and please do so ! )

Things that are not related to my particular PC for sure are GUI and usage of skins/themes.( this is more of a suggestion ) Would it be possible to include a option for CFP to use current Windows theme ( Classic for example ) in skinning the TITLE BAR/WINDOW FRAME and buttons while the contents of a window could remain the way they are. Same request goes for Left Click Menu on systray icon - would be nice if it wasn’t skinned ( for those of us who love the Classic Windows look/hate blue colour on their screens :slight_smile: )

I know that these things are not so important, but they affected my decision to not use CFP full time yet. I look forward to new releases though. Hope this was useful to somebody.

When is expected to have some themes ?

You have a very old version. I suggest you uninstall the version you have and download and install the latest version of Comodo.

Your version is from November 2007. There have been alot of improvements since then. There are skins made by a user in the forums but skins isn’t all that important. Comodo is the most powerful out of the box.

Thanks for your answer !
I did install the latest version and you were right - it is much snapier ! :slight_smile:
Testing it right now !

Point with skins/themes was that some of us would rather prefer NOT skinned app, but an app that is using the default Windows elements for the Title Bar and window borders itself. It somehow gives me further assurance that an app is not using any resources that are not absolutely necessary ( and is not in conflict with my system setup visually :slight_smile: ).

I hope that you get my point - I stated that this is more about “user experience” in the first post , and perceived efficiency is a part of that…

Thanks for the great app !

I got your point. (R)