impressions : not so good.

Hello. I decided , given some of my friends recommendation, to give Comodo firewall a try. I was using Look’n’Stop firewall before. Unfortunately after 3 days with Comodo Firewall installed i decided it was time to go back to my Look’n’Stop. I will explain why :

  1. Comodo is good but it’s not optimized. My computer had from time to time small freezes. I use aprox >5 tabs in firefox and computer slowed down even i have 1 GB of ram and a 3000+ CPU

  2. My antivirus is slowed down by Comodo. (some of the games too and i’m not playing online!!) I really don’t know why.

  3. I know it’s a free product but …common…

  4. In Windows Task Manager comodo takes arround 6 mb of ram. So why the heck it makes my other programs move so slow? :frowning:

I’d recommend re-evaluating the situation. Right now I have 42 tabs open in Firefox, and I only have 512 MB of ram. When I re-start Firefox and all those tabs load simultaneously, Comodo takes it like a champ. I can actually play Starcraft and other network games with the firewall enabled, which is why I switched to Comodo from Keiro… and I’m very happy.

I don’t run an Antivirus though, so I can’t comment there.

i found the problem!

Logs keep overwriting themselfs (after the 5mb/100 mb are full) and this leads to lagg in games and other apps.!!!

I disabled every log and now everything works like a charm. I hope this “bug” will be fixed in the next version

You must be referring to this:
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[b]Version 2.4 - cpf.exe and High CPU[/b],6819.0.html,6933.0.html,6943.0.html

I haven’t seen any reports except for one with log & cpu issues in 3 alpha .

it is very strange. when the problem ocurred my CPU Usage was like 20%. so that’s why it didnt ring any bell back then. my antivirus on the other hand was going like crazy trying to scan all the new files created by the logging activity. normaly he leaves the *.log files alone … but not @ this one. it said in teh scanning process somthing with (UNICODE) … and keeped scanning on and on. I am using Bitdefender Antivirus BTW.