Impressed - Privalert blocks more than Ghostery

I am now impressed. The new Privalert extension that comes as part of the latest Dragon does in fact block more than the similar look-and-feel Ghostery. I just put it to the taste test.

Latest Google Chrome, with Ghostery installed and auto-updated.
Latest Comodo Dragon, without Ghostery, with Comodo Privalert enabled (default) and auto-updated.

Same PC, same internet connection, same time. Browsed an NBCNews story at Investigations: U.S. & World News Investigations | NBC News.

Ghostery on Chrome did a good job of blocking 12 trackers and widgets - note the icon on the right top of my toolbar with the “12” in the screenshot and the partially-displayed scrolling list of what it blocked.

Comodo Privalert on Dragon did better! Note the 13 trackers and widgetts blocked on the icon at far right of the toolbar. Also note on the partially-displayed scrolling list the first tracker blocked, AdThLot, something that Ghostery did not catch!

Melih was absolutely right in saying that Comodo Privalert is using its own list of tracker threats. It’s still a very similar (but not identical) look and process flow. But it is provably better.

Nice job Comodo! :-TU

Thanks for sharing. What can I say? :rocks:

Can anyone explain this CD behaviour? I had Privalert installed on both computers for about a week and now it seems to be gone and replaced with Web Inspector. What happened to Privalert? And how did Web Inspector show up in its place?

Oh, never mind, I see it’s been removed due to stability issues…

It will return once it is fixed.

Hmm, I just downloaded a copy of PrivAlert 0.4 and installed it in CD 24.1. It’s seems to be working well, w/o any problems. I obtained the copy from: Comodo Forum

I will continue to test it and will report any major quirks. ;D

…please explain how to install - tried, no go…

  1. Download the zip.
  2. Extract the .crx file to anywhere.
  3. Open up Comodo Dragon.
  4. Go to the eye in top left corner, click Settings and then Extensions in far left. OR copy paste this in the url-bar dragon://extensions/
  5. If you have Comodo Dragon Maximized then make it smaller.
  6. Drag the .crx onto the Comodo Dragon Windows (anywhere really but preferably around the other extensions)
  7. It’s now installed.

…wow, gee, thanx, that was easy - thanx a million - I owe ya one…

It’s working great on Chrome too. It of course won’t update, but it works just as well as it did when it first debuted. It replaced Adblock & Ghostry for me.

Question: I’m using both DoNotTrackMe and Privalert, could there arise any conflicts? So far I see they both block pretty much the same thing but I like redundancy(don’t know if it’s the correct word) and hence like to have several things blocking since one or the other might find one more.
So far they both say they are blocking the same things anyway…

Save you PrivAlert 0.4 down load. Open CD’s “Extensions” Tab & drag your copy of PrivAlert to it. It should then install as one of CD’s Extensions. Restart CD, the PrivAlert icon should appear on the tool bar. Good luck.

PS. I’ve attached a copy of PrivAlert to this reply.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Any new news at all on a new privalert?

I haven’t heard any. :cry:

Too bad, Melih said when they first pulled back PA, to expect a new and improved version “in a couple of weeks”.

Comodo’s timeline is not equal to Earth’s.

haha! My bad, I forgot. ;D

Hope the next upgrade of CD brings back PA with new & improved features.

Taking into account that they are pretty late with v25, I hope it got into it.

Check for updates, we are about to find out. :wink:
Edit: Comodo Dragon ver 25.0 is now available for download

Nope…still nothing… :-\