Impossible to upload with SmartFTP when component monitor is active [Resolved]

I’ve a problem with SmartFTP and Comodo Firewall : If the Component Monitor is ‘On’ FTP uploads fail with SMARTFTP 2.0.997 (latest version).
The data connection seems to fail or to be eaten by Comodo without warning.

[13:08:10] PORT 192,168,1,2,39,26 [13:08:10] 200 PORT command successful [13:08:10] STOR Settings.php [13:08:10] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for Settings.php [13:08:10] 3910 bytes transferred. (254 KB/s) (15 ms) [13:08:10] 226 Transfer complete. [13:08:10] SIZE Settings.php [13:08:10] 213 0 [13:08:10] File size mismatch. [13:08:10] Transfer failed.

Comodo shows me no alert, if I deactivate the component monitor (off or learning mode) the upload process works perfectly.

Make sure you dont have a black listed compnent in the component monitor. What do your CPF logs show?


Well it seems that even with “component monitor set to off or learning mode”, it doesn’t work anymore, maybe one or 2 files succeed to upload but all others fail.

The only way I can upload is to set Comodo to “Allow All”

Nothing appears in the firewall logs…

Ok, I’ve fixed my problem, I checked “Skip advanced security checks” and it’s working now, even with component monitor turned on :slight_smile: