impossible to update flash player


I’m trying to update flash player to the latest version 10.0181.26 without success. I receive this answer from adobe flash player site :

Your Google Chrome browser already includes Adobe® Flash® Player built-in. Google Chrome will automatically update when new versions of Flash Player are available.

Problem : I’ve Dragon and not Google Chrome, but Adobe identify it as Google Chrome hence the update won’t work.

Could Comodo Staff please tell Adobe to recognize Dragon as a different browser and not as google Chrome to solve this update problem.

Thank you.


How are you trying to update? I don’t use CD but I have it on a PC that I use for testing and it upgraded without fuss.

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Download and install. :slight_smile:

Indeed, that’s how I always update flash.

I went to all the sites of Adobe displayed by google search and systematically got the answer mentioned above. I encounter the problem at each update of Flash. Well, each time I workaround it by downloading the flash installer through Opera and copying it on the computer without Opera. I thought worthwhile mentioning this problem to get a solution worked between Comodo and Adobe believing it could help the community, but if I’m the only one to encounter it and as I mentioned I found a workaround, then I think this topic could be close.


yea i just got this too, i uninstalled flash suspecting it was curropted, and now i get this error too…

btw dragon is chrome/firefox hybrid??

Dragon is based on the Chromium source code.