impossible to stop processes


I have the last version of Comodo(5…).
A lot of processes stay in the list while not really running.
I have a lot of iexplorer"active" while iexplorer is shutdown.
If i want to terminate theses processes i can’t.
And if i open the task manager they DON’T appear running
For example see file attached : some process (WINWORD.EXE, EXCEL.EXE, emule.exe, VLC and so on…) are not running but i c’ant “terminate them”, it is like if it was a “historic list” you can’t erase…!!!

If i open a iexplorer window i can’t terminate it while running, even if i try with all the iexplorer in the list.
But i can terminate at notes while running.
So i don’t understand what all this means!!!
Is this normal?,
Does someone know about tht?
Thank you.

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Hi. (:WAV)
Sounds like malware trying to download buddies.
Follow this guide to find out how to remove them.
Check your Defence+ logs and post a screenshot of it so I can see where they got in.

Thank you very much.
First, excuse my english, i am french speaking, i am from Belgium.
I hava added screenshots of the “active processes list” in my first post, read it again please.
In this one, this answer i mean, i leave scrennshots you have asked for.
Later i will try to read and understand the document you have left a link to go.
Thanks for your help.
I will let know what about.
See file attached here and file attached in my first post modified.

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Can you re attach the files as images? It is rather inconvenient to open them as a .doc file.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

I have looked at the d+logs and you seem infected; iexplore shouldn’t do what it does.

I have also seen that skype tries to access cmdagent memory which is a bit strange but I have seen this kind of action form another user.

Do you mind if I take your logs?

Valentin N

DO you mean i should paste the files into “PAINT(bitmap pictures)”?
If not, what program should i download to convert word docs into pictures?
I coud paste the files into powerpoint, but won’t the files be too heavy to be supported by this server?
Let me know the way you wan’t me to do.

I would like the screenshots to be in an image file (e.g .png) so I can look at them easier.
Just paste them into paint to be quick.

I’ll try another solution, the site doesn’t accept bitmaps

You should be able to save it as a PNG or JPG then.

You should download killswitch and run it

but still (if you like) run hijack this and POST THE LOGS HERE :slight_smile:

Better to be safe then sorry :slight_smile:

Hello Elliotcroft

Hello Elliotcroft,

I am really sorry, but i can do everything i can’t post the files.
I’ve found a program to convert into png, jpeg, and…
It works perfectly and i can read them as pictures but IMPOSSIBLE to post it on this site.
I have error…server internal error…
So, let’s drop it.
Thanks for having tried to help me.

I will try to publish you pics.

Valentin N

Too kind from you V.
A lot of thanks.

those are not all pics but the most relevant ones. no problem :slight_smile: I am as all here to help you !

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Hello J.
Here is the hijack file.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I am not a specialist, but thanks to you.
I’m lost, i never had such troubles in Comodo.
However my computer seems to work “normally”.
But i don’t understand why Comodo indicates so many processes runnig!
Let’s see.

I will look at all pics tomorrow; I will go to bed but tomorrow i will have fun with google ;D.

Valentin N