Impossible to sign in

I installed soft ok, when I want to sing in system shows this

and thats all.

I uninstalled several times and re installing but I doesn’t work.

Failed to sign


Pls Fix

Hi Guys I get the same thing .I cant sign in please help us out thanks :frowning:

Also unable to sign in, both myself & my son at uni :frowning:

Would be grateful for a fix ASAP, but I’m sure you’re working on it anyway, and thanks for the great products :slight_smile:

Please keep up the awesome work you guys do :-TU :wink:

It’s the same for me. I think it’s unuseful to uninstall the software :frowning: probably it’s a problem of the COMODO servers. I know you’ll fix it soon!!! :smiley:
But please ASAP!!! :embarassed:

There are issues with the sign-in service, the server it self seems to be available but the service is to slow to handle the traffic.
I’ll see if I can notify staff.

The issue seems resolved here, is everybody able to sign-in again on Unite?

This is what i and 10 other people in my channel get.
Are the servers down ?

I hope it will be fixed soon

I guess to much time has passed, but I’m able to sign-in again, can you confirm it’s working for you also?

Yes, now it works.

I hope you fixed the error so it doesn’t happen again.

Sorry, I’m just a Volunteer Moderator, not Comodo staff so I can’t fix it, only report it to the admins…

Now it’s down again :cry:

If this happens again, then i’m sorry to say i will delete comodo.
It’s so unstable.

I agree with you.

I can sign in but main menu shows freeze.

I am seeing this issue again, I have uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed the application and have tried 3 different accounts, all I get is “Signing In” and nothing happens. This makes it impossible for me to use the application which I was demonstrating for a customer! Brilliant - NOT. Come on if the server is busy then deploy another server with to share the load or upgrade the servers connection.

I have the same issue atm, I have raised a ticket so that it will be investigated.

Same here. 2 hours works ok then the next 2 hours I can’t sign in, and then again after a few hours the program signs in by itself. Probably when the servers are back online.

And a week ago this happened again. At first I thought because I’m using Comodo Easy VPN, but I see that people with the new Unite version get the same treatment.

BTW what is the difference between the Comodo Easy VPN and the Unite ? Is Unite “heavier” with more features ? Comodo Easy VPN is light and perfect for me.

it’s next step from comodo creators :wink:

they just change name for it. not sure why