Impossible to install Dragon browser on Windows Seven 64 bit family premium SP1


I have just a simple question: why is it impossible to install Comodo browser on Windows Seven 64 bit Family premium SP1. The installation starts OK but does not go furhter than the third clic. Why? No error message, nothing. I have to add that my computer is perfectly clean and I can update, install any other software without problems. I even installed Opera for the sake of checking. There was no problem whatsoever.

Thanks for your help.

Have you tried right clicking and running the installer as administrator.


What security software do you have installed? It is possible that some security software is blocking the setup without giving any warning.

Also, please look for the “dragon_setup” log at "%windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder" and attach it in a reply.

Thank you.


I always install my software as administrator.

I have Kaspersky security suite 2013
I’ll do what you are suggesting.


Sorry I can’t get past the first click now. No Dragon browser temp file.

I’d like to add, I can update, install and uninstall any software without problems.
Thanks…I will try to find the solution myself.

Is there going to be a Dragon broser 64 bit?