Impossible to Block Google/Yahoo in Firefox or IE with ANY Firewall rule

Ok… This one has me totally perplexed. While playing around with custom application rules in Comodo Firewall, and using Firefox as my guinea pig application, I’ve come across some incredible strange behavior. No matter what custom rules I set for “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox*”, I cannot get it to block “” or “”. I’ve tried simply using the predefined “Blocked Application” rule, as well as making my own custom rules to block every single protocol on all source and destination addresses, and both of those sites still work. On Google I can still browser to virtually any webpage under their domain.

While monitoring its network activity, it appears that it is communicating over TCP6 to domains and various IPV6 addresses (even though I have all TCP/UDP/IP/IPV6 traffic supposedly blocked in Comodo). Comodo will not show anything in the firewall logs either. Internet Explorer also exhibits this exact same behavior. I’m simply out of ideas at this point… It is very discouraging though when you are trying to block ALL internet access for an application and it just WILL NOT work. Doesn’t give me a lot of faith when I actually apply these rules to the application that I am doing this testing for (I have no desire to actually block internet access for Firefox or IE. I am just using them as a testbed for a customized rule to add to another application.)

If I am doing something wrong, or some other default predefined rule is somehow overriding my rules, please tell me. Otherwise, this appears to be a bug that needs to be resolved. I love the versatility of Comodo Firewall and the rich features if provides, but in this case, its not doing what it should be doing (by anyone’s measure in my opinion). When you mark an application as blocked (PERIOD), it should be blocked, period, no? Sorry to ramble on and on. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me. I’m running Windows 8.1 x64, Comodo Firewall, and have Windows Firewall disabled (or at least its disabled in the control panel… I have my doubts whether that actually means its turned off completely.)

So I’m a moron :P. Immediately after posting this topic, I started wondering if maybe Comodo Firewall doesn’t filter IPv6 traffic by default. Apparently it doesn’t. I just installed Comodo Firewall on my new desktop build yesterday and did not realize that you had to explicitly enable IPv6 filtering. Definitely my fault for not realizing that was the issue. SORRY!

However, I do wonder why IPv6 filtering would not be enabled by default?? That seems to me to offer a whole lot of attack surface for malware and viruses. MANY new modems, including my own (Arris modem on Time Warner) now come with IPv6 turned on by default. Furthermore, there is TONS of malware and trojans out there that are perfectly capable of operating over IPv6. Do you guys have a reason for leaving this disabled by default or is it just an oversight? Sorry again for bothering yall without performing my due diligence first. I am curious about the IPv6 thing though. Hopefully you can provide me an answer. Thanks!