Impossible to access some websites with D-Link WBR-1310


I have a strange problem and I hope someone can help me because it’s been a while I have to endure this.

When I visit some website that I have to log in, or I can’t login at all, or some options in my account are not working properly. I get “Error loading the page” with Firefox 3.0.2:

“The connection with the server was reinitialized while loading the page. The link to the network was interrupted while negociating a connection. Try again”.

I use the D-Link WBR-1310 router and my problem is that the same website is fully working without the router, and don’t work with it.

I wrote to D-Link support and I had a response that some firewalls can alter the configuration of a router ??? I have nothing special changed in the router’s configuration except the IP, password, etc…

So if someone can help me please,

Thank you (:NRD)

Welcome to the forums, spitchz!

I use the D-Link WBR-1310 router and my problem is that the same website is fully working without the router, and don't work with it.

That kind of narrows it down to being a router problem, and not a firewall problem.

I’ll suggest a couple of things to check on the router:

First is to check the router log. Login to the router, and the log is Status → Log. There might be something useful there.

Second, is to check the router web filter. On the router, click Advanced → Website Filter. You probably want it turned off.

Just to check other settings in your browser, I’d suggest going thru the browser add-on’s and disabling those that might be doing some kind of web filtering or web checking.

Since this seems to be a router problem, I’m going to suggest that you make a posting in the unofficial, but very busy, D-Link Support Forum to see if the folks there might be able to give you better suggestions.


Nothing special in the log. I cleared it before going on that particular website and I had nothing after I tried.
And my Webfilter is turned off…

I don’t have extensions that seems to web filter (Firefox 3.0.3) except McAfee SiteAdvisor, but habitualy it shows a message when it blocks a website…

Tab Catalog
Auto Copy
McAfee SiteAdvisor
Copy Plain Text

I’ll try disable all these and retry to login.

Thanks for your help