Importing white/black lists and address book

I’m new to CAS. I tried to import my address book, but the answer was “no address imported”. I am using Opera Browser (version 9.10) integrated email client, which is among the choises proposed as radio button.
I then created a text file containing a list of address to be whitelisted and tried to import the list. The browse botton launches a dialog which allows you to choose among “white lists”, “black lists” and “all files”. The problem is that I don’t know which extension should have the WL file or the BL file and no file is shown at all. When I chose “all files” I could see my file, which I had named whitelist.txt, but importing failed. I tried also with .csv, same result.
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance!

Same problem here. Different email client but I have a flat text address list. Also tried importing LDIF (Netscape format) with no luck. Anyone know what format is expected and how the parser works?


Reason: Out-Dated post.