importing info from default browser

i have downloaded comodo ice dragon and love its speed and cleanliness, but it seems to have imported my bookmarks, etc from windows explorer which it recognized as my “default browser”, but my default browser was chrome. i have never used windows explorer as my default browser. how do i get my bookmarks, etc from chrome?

Hi harveylas,
Go to CIDs Menu, Bookmarks, Show all Bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+B, select import/backup and choose Import Data from another browser.

If Chrome is still not recognised use the export/import functions of the browsers to a HTML file.
First up export Bookmarks to HTML from Chrome.
Export Bookmarks to a HTML file from Chrome
Now open IceDragon, Show all Bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+B select import/backup and choose Import Bookmarks from HTML then navigate to the previously exported HTML file from Chrome.
Bookmarks-Importing, Exporting IceDragon