Importing Configurations

This is just a gripe. I don’t think that the registry keys pointing to the CAV update URL should be stored in the exporting of the configurations. This prevents importing your settings into a newer version. I noticed that this new version has a registry key of “av/updates38” while the last version was “av/updates”. If you import your saved configurations into a clean install of CIS, the CAV database won’t update because it’s looking at the old registry key for the URL. This is a hassle since I’ve spent time training Defense+ and the Firewall. Bummer.

I know that I can change the registry keys, but this is a hassle.

I just changed the setting in the registry once imported.

Not very good practice on COMODO’s part though.

where precisely would i find such a setting?

found it, nevermind. It says updates38 for me, though.

It says updates38 here too. I clean installed CIS 3.8 (even cleaned the registry with Comodo System Cleaner) and then imported my old configuration from 3.8 beta. My configuration was a Proactive config.

Who updated from 3.5 and who from 3.8 beta? What was the used configuration?

i did update from the 3.8 beta. The configuration used was a custom one based on proactive security.