Importing configuration does not works


What OS are you using? Can you export configurations? What happens when you select “import as”?

Windows XP SP2 x86 + all updates IE7. Configurations is exporting but not importing. When selecting “import as” it not import too. In previous version of CPF x32 “import” work ok.

a little bit different experience: does import config (created by 3.0.21) but partially: settings and firewall rules was imported, but D+ rules was not. Export OK; XP SP3x32.

I have not use D+. And I think import will not work with d+ is disabled. Try it to check.

Windows Xp sp3
windows defender
Avast 4.8 Home
CFP 3.022.349

if you decide to install CFP on other compuer where %windir% id D: instead of C:
and you try to import configuration a sucess message appears but on checking the network policy you find that your configuration are not imported

Same here, except things happen on 1 system (hence %windir% is same) and doesn’t export neither config created by previous 3.0.21, nor by itself, though:

a sucess message appears...